Kids and Why I Don’t Have Them – Our Programs In Action


They look nice enough. Even cute. But don’t be fooled. This is only a clever disguise, subterfuge. Like the wind they can change directions at a moment’s notice.

When I last saw them, it was about a year ago, and their ability to raise hell was considerably more limited. First of all, Harley wasn’t even mobile. His big accomplishment was burping, and I seemed to be the “baby-whisperer” with my burping technique. I felt useful. Summer, still very small, was beginning to want things and juuuuuust starting to nose around on her own to figure out how something worked. She was still very much in the napping mode at that time and when awake I was mostly pushing her around in her stroller, she directing though.


Study this photo a bit. Let me tell you what I see. Summer, the cute little blond girl, has just ramped up her little brother to a frenzy. Satisfied, she enjoys a refreshing beverage, while planning her next antagonism. See those wheels turning? Trust me, they are going 24/7, and she’s SMART.


Not being around this sort of commotion, I’m unprepared to interpret it. This is not so for Katie. How she can distinguish one WAAAHHHHHHHHHHH from say another similar sounding AAAAHHHHHHHH, and know its intent and purpose, I’ll never know. For you moms out there, my hats off to you. You are truly remarkable.

While reading this, I don’t want you all to think my stay here has been bad. It hasn’t, thanks to our program of recovery. If I’ve learned anything in AA it’s that I can handle anything for 24 hours. I also want to give a shout-out to Al-Anon and to a better understanding of the slogans. “How Important Is It” has come to mind more than one time and served me well. (Oh, so has “I didn’t cause it. I can’t cure it. And I can’t fix it.”)

Knowing something and then getting to put it into action is extremely satisfying. I say it often that I don’t live in a hermetically sealed environment of our two recovery programs, that what I learn in those rooms are meant to help me deal with and be a better person out there. I’ve gotten to put this into practice and it’s turned out well. Thank you Bill W, Dr. Bob and Lois W.


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